Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gilliland Ranch Proof!

I was introduced to paranormal phenomena in 2003, when I had a few experiences on my own and became interested. Almost a year later, a friend who worked for Boeing suggested I go visit with James Gilliland, and so I decided to go looking for UFOs with him near Mount Adams in Washington State. In June 2005, finally went to see for myself. I have never seen a UFO and never tried too, really. I know many people who allegedly have seen UFOs, and had a long look in my list of things to do. When my friend arranged a trip to the Gilliland Ranch, I was really excited by that time.

You can visit Gilliland's site at eceti.org I met James at his ranch in June 4, 2005. He's the perfect host, I must be honest. After spending a few hours talking with all of us, and proposing we spend the night at the ranch, we could not refuse.

James is much too mild-mannered, especially when considering the wide range of intensive and controversial topics, we discussed (in the next earth changes, the current political climate and those running the show, stories and run-ins with other creatures like bigfoot, discussing free energy, etc.). His ranch has what I can only say is a breath-taking view of Mount Adams itself.

So far, around 3k people have seen UFOs on James' ranch. He's published numerous experiences from the many visitors, many scientists turned from critic to believer. James has had many visitors from the United States Military, The C.I.A., N.A.S.A., and other alphabetical agency groups. Many times those were called Special Forces cooperative visits, or people who say they work on extra-terrestrial - E.T. - vessels for processing and reverse engineering their technologies. So...

Did I see anything? You bet. As shown in the confessions, a common occurrence is what they call a UFO "power up" ... and it became very bright in the sky. Many skeptics say other phenomenon may account for this, but I must mention that there are too many observations where craft has flown low over James' ranch. If UFOs, flying close to the ranch, land on Mount Adams, the U.S. military and similar organizations can be counted and clearly seen hunting, or even attacking them, sometimes shooting exotic weapons such as lasers and plasma weapons (which do not appear to affect the vessels themselves).

While speaking with James on Saturday afternoon, aircraft flew through endless procession, leaving the heavy strips that James and others call "chemtrails." In the picture above, all major "Cirrus" clouds are heavy contrails left by jets. The photo below shows these "chemtrails" in more detail.

Chemtrails are controversial. Investigators collected samples of chemtrails for analysis by U.S. government agencies as the EPA has refused to test. James said that is a member of the U. S. Congress recently tried to initiate investigation and recommended by a senior military official that if she valued her career and family health, it must terminate the study (which it does not). If chemtrails are real hidden action problem, I doubt the motivation behind chemtrails is merciful. Military and related to the Mount Adams area, which has nothing to do with the "threat" that UFOs represent for mankind, but the "threat" they represent for the world power structure. All attacks and other games, it is unlikely to keep people safe from ETS, but to be kept open by ETS interact with people in alignment with the Brookings Institute's advice to NASA many years ago. James is very experienced harassment from people trying to remove UFOs from the public consciousness.

On the same evening of chemtrails was blown away and the sky is clear. James said that the best time to watch UFOs was between 10:30 and 11:30 at night, or about 5:00 at night. We went to dinner and returned to the ranch around 10:00. At 10:00, Mount Adams is at 10:30 and sunset sky was so dark, as in summer. There was no moon that night.

There were about fifty sky watching James' ranch that night. We watched satellite to do about thirty degree turn as it changes direction of movement in the northwest direction to move north as Adams went over the mountain (at least from our perspective), although the satellites are hundreds of miles in the sky. veteran Sky Watcher said that normal satellites can not do its part as he watched it back. It was interesting but not sensational. Several other unusual "satellites" that were observed night.

At around 11:00, James decided to call "A UFO and starts flashing his ten million candle power spotlight in the sky. He later said he also asked to make their presence known as he blinks his eyes. Jacob said that they were in response to heat human desire to see and they respond better to cheerful attitude. He said the dour, stern UFO "nuts and bolts" investigators do not have the right attitude to go UFO hunting. Someone said that afternoon that permanent scowl "that UFO investigator Phil Klaß had beaten him before he even started and it gives Klaß benefit of doubt that he is not working on behalf of the government structure as a UFO debunker.

Within a few minutes after James began to flash his spotlight, it happened. A safe "Satellite TV", which was adopted slowly south and east of Mount Adams, then "on." For about five seconds, he was the brightest thing in the sky away. Think of Venus-times-ten in flux, you get an idea of what we have seen (one of my friends Boeing called it "Mars fifty times). It was impressive, and anything that can be explained by the typical "debunker" explanations. He was not one of ours. " After about five seconds of genius, power and is just another "satellite" trailing the entire night sky. I had seen my UFO. There was no doubt among any of us about what they saw, and some have been many attempts to see satellites and other lights in the sky. One of the witnesses that night was a retired Air Force captain).


  1. Had have a guess that the government sprays the chemtrails hoping the UFO's pass through them and gather the various elements of Barium, Aluminum Oxide, Titanium, Magnesium, and BannEthylene dibromide (dibromethane) or EDB on their surfaces as a means for the military to be able to track them on radar, with the elements being used as a means for radar to ping off the ships for tracking, then attempt to shot them down in order to steal the technology.

  2. you didnt know about paranormal phenomena till 2003? had you never watched tv?

  3. I think its sad people have become so self absorbed with greed and themselves they are all missing the real threat. Our government has stolen weapons that they have created from Tesla that 22 deaths on people who worked on the project are all dead all from natural causes.its disgusting people who cheer our military on like heros when were nothing but war hungry bullies us military definitions are brainwash people and military they are defending the country and are patriotic ..bullshit military is about war and destruction. We can have nuclear weapons no-one else can.Bible people are so hypacratic that they have family in the military that shoot bully and murder people and children but yet their Bible says thou shall not kill.I guess its OK to kill because the government says its OK.unbelievable. so what's scary is any nonterrestrials that come to help and educate and save you all will be brainwashed to think oh there here to kill us.so dumb if they wanted to do this they would have long ago.I hope they wipe out all the corruption and government here.that's the only way to save us.

  4. Also the media is a huge problem if people stopped being so nosey and live to watch the 5:00 news maybe then you'd see the true picture of what's going on.the conservative one side media makes jokes out of things that are very real.or make people feel they will be ostracized for sayiñg what they saw or know.I believe that the media is controlled to a point.and its all the stupid sceptics who can't deal with the fact they might be wrong .this world we live in is so dangerous we are not free but controlled and trained like dogs since birth.religion is pushed into peoples heads at birth.but yet no-one cares to look up the origion of religions which is scientific fact.that people refuse to accept because they have been taken for and these rather just go with the lie.if God was so loving why all the hate and war.personally the most criminal judgemental people I have ever met was in some part of organized religion while these preachers priests live it up not having to pay a single tax but have lavish homes on islands like Peter poppoff .what I'm saying is people are this blind do you ever see people putting a stop to thirty foolish beliefs and follow a correct path.no people like being controlled that's all they know.and if there not apparatus of the rat race well then they feel not apparatus of the dillusion they have been living.when someone wants to open there eyes they run in fear of change
    .our government has a name for what they do to show this illusion. And anyone who's not sheep that is exposing truth is automatically crazy.you people need to wake up pit the game behind you.be positive loving help a stranger give the homeless a room and a hot meal in your home change this.corrupt world.maybe then the people who are followers will start to follow leaders with an insight to connect positivity and enlightenment in this world.I will mr Holland and everyone who wishes to go with our founding fathers dream and be seperate from the rest not involving religion with everything and have a positive enlightened vision. People will leave everything and follow.were tired of this ugly world I want my children to.live in a world opposite than this one.if we were a peaceful country the word classified wouldn't excist because Wed have nothing to hide.none on earth should have nuclear weapons.we should not involve ourselves in others countries disputes because we need or want something they have.corruption has infiltrated the government and people are brainwashed and influenced that. We are this great country.maybe we need alien influence to eliminate our government and war hungry people that reside in it.these people who are gun toting I'm a American flag flying t-shirts wearing people are part of this problem that enjoy war unless its there family that's being thrown into it.mr gilland give them my messages. That we need and want a change with this problem